Sunday, April 27, 2008

New photos and quilts

There has been a lot happening for me in the last few months - mostly dealing with cancer issues. I have been a break for 2 mos for family visits in Florida and quilting . Three of my quilts have been entered in the Somers NY show on 5-3-2008. Hope for the best. The tumors in my brain have been under control (no cure). But the quilting has been my saving grace. Now you can see what I have been working on.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Xmas Bears

It keeps going. One project after the other is moving out. Here are the 5 Bears that would have been a Christmas gift to the Pediatric Cancer Ctr at Vassar Bros Med Hospital in Poughkeepsie NY. I wanted to finish these for christmas but between cancer treatment and 3 parties -- you know how it goes. So here they are. I have done these for 5 years after my friend died of leukemia on New Years Day.; she had 2 little boys. Now I am cancer patient and they make me happy. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas; I did.

Good thing --I took a class (1st one in months) on Landscape quilts from my own photography. It was great to be back in the swing again.


Pleasant Valley NY

Friday, December 28, 2007

Two new pieces

For Christmas I made to 2 textile pieces which completed today. The first is a reproduction of a greeting card to my husband.-- Moment of Silence. The image of the two young lovers meeting at the train station was especially sweet for my husband and I. My reproduction is a bit changed and only uses the little photo as a transfer. My husband has been my lover and best friend thru the last 4 mos of some pretty tough cancer issues. But we came thru together and most of our life is back ( with a few cancer pills) I'm better now, and sewing and knitting up a storm. My sewing room (31 ft long) is 3/4 done and in use. which he promised I would have.

The second one is called Falling Leaves. It is a gift for my neighbor Flory who has watched over me for the last 4 mos. She would take me to radiation therapy -- she calls on me regularly, ( I am alone so she would worry), Along with a group of friends- every time I needed transportation to get to therapy or a doctors visit, they all took turns -- thanks to Flory.

Truth is since September 2007 so many friends and even strangers have prayed and called on me when they found out my melanoma had reached my brain. The majoriity of the side effects have resolved, so you could say I am 75% back to normal. and live with it as is with continued chemo 5 days of each month. My quilting and knitting have been one of the best therapy's for me. Just before this message you would have seen the pink baby blanket and the bunting. I still have a few teddy bears to make for the kids in the cancer unit at Vassar Hospital Poughkeepsie. In the effort to move my sewing room to its new home I had to get rid of old fabric and yarn. In the last few weeks I have donated 30 very large Zip lock bags filled with fabric and yarn to several groups.

So the good news is I'm back and enjoying life every day.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Catch up time

With the holidays and the cancer treatment it has been a little tough. I finished another baby quilt for niece Elise born 2 mos ago. I made a baby bunting for my first grandson Noah. Of a proud grand ma has enjoyed time with Noah. There is another wall hanging in construction and I still plan on making teddy bears for the children in the local cancer unit (tradition for me)-- Right!!! But I'm still here living life everyday. I added a series of journal quilts called Giraffe Series that you might not have seen bef0re.

Pleasant Valley NY

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jeanne's Cancer Scarf

I have a pattern and photos for my scarf. Send an email to me and I will send you a copy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jeanne's Cancer scarf

As some of you may know I am coming off radiation therapy on my brain. Last week my husband gave me a buz cut and (from the mother of quilting invention) I have this scarf. It made me feel good and face glowed with the batiks I use. It is made with 10 strips but with a rotary blade in wavey bands where you iron down the curved strips and sewing them onto the next one. For me- I put moisture on , button earings, a little make up - and I can face the world. Presently I am seekings ideas to make my scarf - a gift for those ladies who are facing a difficult time with this radiation therapy. A smile and some hope is the small grace I want to give. No sales - just a gift from me.

I took the scraps of those same batiks and made them into a mosaic pattern for the last 12 post cards that are due for Art 07. Pictures will be coming out shortly.

I am a fighter, and my quilt art has helped.


Pleasant Valley NY

Friday, October 05, 2007

Postcards Exchange #30- 10-2007

The past month of September has been a tough with melanoma and radiation therapy, heavy duty chemo, blood clots in the bladder- (loss my hair) but I am on the mend. My quilting has been my saving grace. Last weekend I went to a quilt retreat at the Interlacken Inn in Ct from Friday night thru Sunday afternoon. There are 50 ladies who come with their machines, fabric and projects (two times year). They have known me for years and they are all wonderful and very supportive. I was only 10 days from leaving the hospital. The owner of the Country Quilter in Somers Claire and her daughter Jane Davila- made the whole weekend so special for me. My husband bought me , unloaded the van with my stuff and then he pick up me again on Sunday. Richie has made a real hit the girls in this group.

I have 2 post cards swaps that were due 9-30-07 The first batch is part of the Art2Mail Exch #30. It is called "Coral Gold"; it is done in series. The inspiration comes from a a book of detail photography of coral fish. This is my artistic representation. These are the last 12 due and will be mailed out today. The second swap is called Art 2007. It also has another 12 due and my plan is recreate a type of mosiac with layers of marine fabrics, with metalic threads green, gold, maybe tulle- just layers - I saw a similar design on another post card that look like the scales of a snake. As an aside- The "molten" quilt shown below was accepted to be pushlished in Katie Pasquini Masupust's book Creating Abastract Art. So The girls all agree- I truly have the soul of quilt artist.
I am on the mend. Stronger every day. My husband is giving me a gift of a sewing studio. It is under construction and should be near completion by the late fall. I have 2 or three projects coming off a mind blowing dreams (in color) about an artist colony- with painters, scuplture, glass, pottery, textile art. The spirit gives a a wonderful gift.